Sea of Thieves 2020 Review

When Sea of Thieves first came out in 2018 it was a bit of a mess. Sure it was fun for the first few hours, but if you played for any amount of time it became a very tedious game. 

So I buy Xbox Game Pass for £1 and try out the game. I play on my own for a few days, and find the game fun to start with but very quickly gets boring. I played a few sessions with random people online and that was better, but ultimately still got boring. As i’ve only spent £1 on this game I think nothing of it and stop playing the game.

Fast forward 2 years to June 2020. Sea of Thieves is released on Steam, and me and my friends think we’ll try it out again together. We all get the game and finish the tutorial quest, which was already a breath of fresh air as it wasn’t part of the game when I last played it. After the tutorial is completed we all jump into a lobby together, and get going. After spawning in on a random outpost, we make our way to a man on the beach who hires us to find treasure. He gives us a map with an X and sends us on our way. Me and two of my friends set sail in our brigantine, the middle sized ship out of the three available. We use the map table to find our island, set our sails into the wind and sail into the sun. That was the start of our adventure, and we’ve been sailing the Sea of Thieves ever since.

Sea of Thieves has a decent sized update once a month, some of my favorites being when the added ghost ships and their most recent update as of this review, gold vaults and dogs. The devs seem to be committed to keeping the game relevant and fresh. There is so much more content in the game now than their was on release and by the looks of it there is much more to come. 

Unfortunately Sea of Thieves does have a microtransaction store. Now i’m not an advocate for microtransactions in a full priced game, but as the game is updated every month and everything in the store is purely cosmetic, I don’t mind as much, and let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t buy a pet dog?

As far as I can tell there are three types of players in Sea of Thieves; the first type of player is someone who sets sail and grinds out the quests to get as much gold as they can. The second type of player is the true pirate, they sail around hunting other players and stealing their loot. The third type of player is a combination of the first two, this is me and my friends. There is nothing more fun in this game than ship to ship combat, and even if we lose our ship and all our loot, I’m not mad because it was enjoyable to lose. We once chased another ship for 40 minutes, expertly moving our sails with the wind and eventually harpooning ourselves to them. We didn’t think this through though, as they all stood on the rear of their ship and started throwing fire bombs at us. By the time we’d put out the fires they had gone, nowhere to be seen. We weren’t annoyed we’d lost, or angry we didn’t get their loot, we’d had so much fun for just under an hour it’d felt like 10 minutes of the best chase sequence ever.

In conclusion, Sea of Thieves is an extremely fun game to play with friends. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of multiplayer games or co-op games. If you’re a singleplayer kind of person i’d maybe give this one a miss, but i’ve had loads of fun with this game and I hope you do to.

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