Current State of: Marvel’s Avengers

Marvels Avenger’s released not without backlash in September.

People were not happy about the state of the microtransaction store, others were annoyed with the fact that none of the avengers looked like their MCU counterparts, some people were annoyed with the voice acting. The list goes on and on. Well I’ve completed the main story as of a few days ago, and I’ve leveled Thor up to level 50 with a gear score of 103, and I can safely say I’ve had fun.

As a fan of the MCU and comic books I was skeptical about this game to start with. I’ve always wanted a big scale, AAA Avengers video game and I believe this game delivers. It can be challenging, it rewards exploration, and you can equip many different costumes for each of the six heroes. Each hero has a “battle pass” of sorts, where you can complete daily and weekly challenges in return for cosmetics and in game currency. Unfortunately upcoming characters will not have this unlocked from the get go and will have to be unlocked through paying real money, or earning the currency in game (I guess they have to fund the free DLC somehow).

The Reassembled story line follows Kamala Kahn on her quest to reunite the Avengers one by one after an accident in San Francisco forces them into hiding. I don’t know that much about Kamala Kahn from the comics and I know some people had a problem with her being the primary protagonist in this game. I don’t feel that way and I actually think she is one of the most fun characters to play in this game, even if her cosmetics are a bit lacking. You can also jump into the Avengers Initiative straight from the main menu, and instantly unlock all heroes so you can get playing with friends. I wouldn’t recommend this as the story is excellent.

Another down side to this game is the villains. There’s only 3! I get the whole games as a service thing means we’ll see more villains down the line but to only have three is a travesty. Maybe I’ve been spoiled with games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but it just feels like this game needs more villains.

Fortunately as this is a game as a service Crystal Dynamics will be adding more villains to the game with every major update, as well as new heroes such as Kate Bishop and Hawkeye. With the first update being rumored to release in October, we wont have to wait long for new heroes to be added to the game.

I’m really looking forward to what this game could become in a year or two, and I think the slow episodic releases for upcoming stories and characters is the perfect way to do it. I’m having a lot of fun with the game so far and I’m sure I’ll have even more with future updates.

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