Fall Guys developers secretly launch a “Cheater Island” mode in attempt to catch cheaters

A more robust anti-cheating system will be introduced in the game’s next update.

In an entertaining series of tweets, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic shares that as part of their early anti-cheating efforts they secretly developed a system that would exile cheating players on a special map where they can battle with other cheaters.

As they explained on the official Fall Guys twitter account, Mediatonic launched their knockabout smash game with its own anti-cheating system, that initially was quietly running in the background, identifying, but not banning players who engage in illicit practices.

After testing and confirming that the system wasn’t falsely flagging players the developers secretly launched Fall Guys Cheater Island, which they described as “a magical place where cheaters could happily compete against themselves for the Cheater’s Crown.”

Long story short, over time the system began to adjust its anti-cheating threshold so that confirmed cheaters would be flagged and zipped into the queue for Cheater Island during matchmaking for the next game.

For good good or for bad, Mediatonic’s devilish plan started off slow because there simply weren’t enough cheaters at any one time to fill the secret island with the 40 players required to start a game. In these instances, the game instead trapped cheaters eternally with Fall Guy’s matchmaking ‘falling’ sequence, meaning anyone complaining of “falling forever” in most cases revealed themselves as cheaters.

To Mediatonic’s delight, however, “something exciting happened” last week when reportedly for the very first time a Cheater Island match was triggered. Since then, a number of videos started to pop up online, which depict the comical nonsense of a bunch of cheaters trying to outsmart each other. Unfortunately, as Mediatonic have conceded the havoc of the videos taken out of context paints Fall Guys in a bad light, so sadly they decided to put an end to Cheater Island.

Their efforts to combat cheating in the game, however continue with the developer announcing that Epic’s anti-cheating solution will be implemented in the next update. As well as that the upcoming update will also feature the much-teased Big Yeetus. More of which will be revealed soon

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