Kunimitsu confirmed for Tekken 7 amongst Season 4 update details

The update will fix balancing issues, introduce new moves and more.

Kunimitsu is returning to Tekken with an awesome new design. She is the first of two DLC characters planned for Season 4 of Tekken 7. This time we actually get to see her face and as it’s reveled from the trailer, this is the old Kunmitsu’s daughter. A new stage titled Vermilion Gates will also launch alongside her.

As expected, the big Season 4 update will also bring new improvements and additions to the game; All of the characters are getting a new move, a new Tekken God Omega rank is being added, as well as balancing adjustments. There are also talks that the dev team is working on improving the netcode, which will result in smoother online matches.

There is still no concrete date for the update, however, the official word is that Season 4 is still expected to arrive “Fall 2020”.

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