New Amnesia: Rebirth story trailer show off stunning in-game environments

The new video released by Frictional Games offers an early look at some of the environments players will explore in the game.

The video is narrated by Salim , one of the abandoned crew members of the Cassandra, who sets the eerie background to the game’s story.

After his crewmates leave to search for help, he becomes the lone survivor of the group that’s left behind and finds an evil creature is lurking around. He then decides to leave the area and search for the rest of his group.

In this thrilling continuation of Amnesia series, you will be playing as Tasi Trianon who finds herself in the bare dunes of the Algerian desert, fighting against her fears and pain while seeking answers and doing anything she can to get out alive.

The game environment transitions between hot deserts, mysterious caves and ruins, and even alien looking landscapes. The players will need to really explore the surroundings to find hints and manage their resources in order to keep Tasi alive and “dig up the truth”

Amnesia: Rebirth will be available to play from October 20 on PC and PS4.

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